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4 Ways To Get Painless Waxing
The process of hair removal can be complicated. The process is annoying, and the removal is short lived. Removal by laser procedure is permanent but it is costly for some people. Whether it is a full body wax or a bikini wax. Women want to have smooth skin that is hairless. It has led to the increase in production of hair removal procedures. What most women can agree on is that it is not a fun time.

Hair removal is not long lived, but the process is very preferred. One has to do it every 4 to 6 months because the hair grows back after that time. The only problem with this type of hair removal is that it is painful. When you combine the pain and the fact that the hair grows back in after a few weeks. This makes women scared of making it a habit. It is very advisable to get an expert to do it. Is it possible to have painless waxing?

Here are Five Ways to Make the Process Less Painful:

Skip Your Regular Cup of Coffee
That daily cup of coffee that you love could make the pain much more than you think. Coffee makes the skin very sensitive. It means that the skin will be extra sensitive. The hair removal time is not the best to have sensitive skin. Skipping the cup of tea and replacing it with a detox. You can have the coffee after the hair removal is one. You can drink water instead.

Numbing Cream
Some people go so hard on the numbing process by using ice in the area. In fact, this is very wrong especially because it can close and tighten the pores which are bad. If anything, you should try soaking in a hot tab. This is perfect for opening up the pores and making the hair exit point very accessible and soft. However, using a high-quality numbing cream can be very helpful. It is advised to use the numbing cream 30 minutes before the process. Some people have their ways of numbing, but the best is to be sure about the process. Do not try something that may not work for you. It is not a risk you want to take.

Exfoliating can be very helpful before hair removal. The dead cells on your skin can make it hard for the wax not to hold the hair effectively. The hair can make the process very painful for the person being waxed. Do this a few days before the exfoliating day, and the process will be a bit bearable. The dead cells will not be there which will make the process easier and much more efficient. Also, do not use disinfectant or other products such as that may clog the pores it can lead to breakage.

Hair Length
Short hair can be very stressful to grab when waxing. It is important to make the hair a bit longer for this to work out. Removing short hair can make the pain much more. Wait and be patient for the hair to grow than when it is at a longer level go for the hair removal.

Other simple dos and do not of hair removal

- Avoid drinking alcohol before the process. It has the same effect as caffeine. It makes the skin much more sensitive.
- Avoid napping 30 minutes before the process.
- Avoid caffeine.
- Too ill-fitting clothes, this is after the hair removal is done. It helps prevent irritations on the skin.
- Hair removal already heats up the body it is important to avoid saunas or steam rooms. It can damage your skin.
- People are advised to avoid sex after waxing because this time the body is prone to external infections. And the body is still sore.
- It is also advisable to be hydrated before the process is done.
- After hair removal, you should find a moisturizer that works for you.
- Ensure that the person performing the procedure is following proper technique and if you are doing this yourself ensure you do too.
- Try to relax; relaxing will be very calming because if you wax when you are anxious, it can be extra painful.

To Conclude
Waxing Cardiff is something that has become very familiar. It is very sort after especially by women. The results are very desirable but the process is not for the weak. Hair removal is very sensitive but has a lot of advantages.