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Top UK Furniture Manufacturers 2017

2017 has seen an increase in the number of Furniture manufactures in the UK. The market has become very diverse. Manufacturers are always competing to get new customers by improving the products. Finding the right company to go with when choosing furniture can be hard because of the many options. However, the market has grown impressively, and there is something for everyone no matter their taste and preference. 

To make the process of finding the right furniture manufacturer easier here are the Top UK furniture manufacturer.

(1) Ercol
Ercol is a well-known furniture manufacturer in the UK. The company has been around for many years and has stood the test of time. At Ercol they provide a variety of stylish and very convenient furniture. They offer products with good quality material. Erncol is excellent for people looking to have some extra space storage space. They provide a range of sideboards, different display cabinets and also spacious bookcases.

Strachan is an experienced and trusted furniture manufacturer in the UK. They have a team of professional designers to help the customers achieve their dream. The company can make any furniture that one wants. From expensive customizations to simple home or office furniture. They have a warranty which is very desirable to many customers.

(3)John Lewis Fitted Bedrooms
For those looking for fitted furniture, this is the company for them. They offer useful tips to their customers on their site. They provide both modern and traditional furniture for both the office and homes.

(4)Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens Ltd
Capital is a very well known furniture company. This company covers a lot of areas in the UK. The process of getting furniture on this company is straightforward. All one has to do is book an appointment and meet a no obligation designer. The prices are reasonable and very attractive too. Their products are custom fitted and outstanding quality also. They have dream wardrobes that are very reputable.

(5) Sandon
Sandon is a furniture company based in London. It was created over a decade ago and is known for their luxurious furniture and customization. They pay attention to details and ensure they satisfy their needs. Their workshop is up to date and very useful too.

When choosing furniture company to go for there are a few things that one must consider. Here are five things to consider before selecting a furniture manufacturing.

5 Tips for choosing a furniture manufacturer:

Are they reputable and reliable?
With new companies coming up all the time, a company reputation matters. Do people trust them? Buyers leave online reviews on furniture companies. This reviews can be helpful in helping you make the right decision. The reviews allow one to understand how the company works and their products in general. Do they keep their words and deliver the exact furniture as required.

Do they have a facility?
A legit and well-established furniture manufacturer has a specific manufacturing location. It is important to ask where the products are manufactured. One can visit the facility if they want to. The company should be willing to help.

Good quality products.
Furniture is not only an essential part of the house but also for decorative purposes. The furniture that one chooses can make or break a room. It is essential to know whether or not the product is good quality. How long can the furniture last? 

How are the designs?
The design of the furniture is critical. That is where preferences come in to place. Some manufacturers are known for making the best designs in furniture. Most people prefer such companies. This is because they offer both the product and to the desired preference.

The costs.
Buying furniture can be very stressful regarding finances. Good quality furniture is expensive in general. However, it is essential to compare the prices before settling for a costly company. Some companies offer good quality furniture at very affordable prices.