Tips for Choosing the Best Window Fitting Company
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Tips for Choosing the Best Window Fitting Company

There are many variables to consider when choosing a window fitting company. Who has been operating the longest? Who has the best reviews? Who promises to do the task in the shortest amount of time and with the least disruption?
It is always best to get professional window fitters rather than attempting the job yourself, though in a self-build you will be saving a significant cost compared to hiring a professional.
Unfortunately, it may not be possible to have modern windows if you happen to live in a town, village or specific building with a preservation order. It is important to do some research first.
Customers generally look for companies that have been operating for significant time and have a great reputation, but that doesn't mean that the new companies aren't reliable. It depends on the job itself, for example; creating a skylight window is completely different from double glazing. The higher the peculiarity of a job, the higher the price.
The other benefit about the reputable companies in the market is that you will have wider choice of window types and styles. A smaller company may not be able to compete with the number of options but they will be able to compete in price.

Most people will go for the cheapest rate but this is not always the best course of action. Check that the company are qualified first and the reviews that have been left online. It is vital that the installer you choose is certified by an approved body, either FENSA or CERTASS. You will still need to check that a company has some kind of insurance just in case things do go wrong, for whatever reason.
One thing many customers fail to take into account in the time frame is the amount of time it takes to remove the old windows. This should be clarified before booking any window installer. 
It is usual that you pay a deposit up front. This is, from the window fitting company's point of view, insurance that you as a customer will pay the full cost when the job is finished. 
The double glazing industry has always been known as having strong sales people attached to it, so it is vital to do your own research. The average uPVC window should be installed for £700 for both the materials and its installation, whereas a wooden sash window would be about £1400. A basic double glazed uPVC window may be as low as £400.
No one should feel pressured into signing anything immediately, a certain amount of research is needed before deciding which company to employ. Do your family or friends go for certain companies that they can recommend? Have you seen examples of a specific company's work portfolio? These are points to bear in mind.