Dragon Clan
2012 celebrates the Year of the Dragon on the Chinese horoscope.

A small group of us have had the opportunity to collaborate with boutique, Japanese denim label, Momotaro,
to release a limited edition range of t-shirts.

The project started with an animation that I worked on with Mike Tosetto to celebrate The Year of the Dragon. Dean Christie, an exceptional strategist we work with, recognised the potential to take the animation further and utilised his contacts in the fashion industry to help us collaborate with Momotaro.

We brought on board the talent of Mike Watt as our illustrator extroadinaire, to complete our collective of four. Mike created the Dragon illustration for the tees and posters.

We then talked about the idea with Lin Deli, the owner of a fashion store on Pitt Street called Corlection.
He got super excited and presented the idea to the Momotaro label. Lin has a solid relationship with Momotaro as his store is their main retailer in Australia.

The signature symbol on all of Momotaro's clothing is a print of two stripes, which have a special meaning. Momotaro is actually the name of a hero in a Japanese folk tale from Okayama and the two stripes on his flag mean 'number one in Japan'. This is fitting for the label as their method of making Jeans is extremely unique when compared with more commercial brands.

Momotaro loved the idea of a limited edtion release of 'Dragon Clan' t-shirts and complimented their two existing stripes on one sleeve with the 'Dragon Clan' stripes on the other sleeve.

The 'Dragon Clan' stripes show a dragon eating it's own tale, a symbol which often represents cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself.

Concept, Illustration & Art Direction: Joao Peres
Animation & Direction: Mike Tosetto
Strategy: Dean Christie
T-Shirt Illustration: Mike Watt
Sound Design: Antonio Roselli

Special Thanks:
Lin Deli from Corlection and Momotaro Jeans