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    A sculpture set I made and exhibited at the annual ART4MORE exhibition in Athens Greece. The theme was "assamblage-readymades". Art Curator: Mar… Read More
    A sculpture set I made and exhibited at the annual ART4MORE exhibition in Athens Greece. The theme was "assamblage-readymades". Art Curator: Maritina Kontaratou. "thecitythatdidnotchange" -In the city of patience, passion became home, and the tenant now perfectly prepared to be late for everything. Translated from the following original in Greek: "ηποληπουδεναλλαξε" -Στη πόλη της υπομονής, το πάθος έγινε σπίτι, και ο ένοικος πιά τέλεια προετιμασμένος για να αργήσει, σε όλα. Read Less
Photo by FILE Photography.

In here we have a set of sculptures and their design/building process, ...These were made to be exhibited at the annual ART4MORE exhibition in Athens Greece, organized by "ΕΔΡΑ".  Check out the WIP on the third piece that will follow.
Some of the references borrowed from the internet.
Here's a sample of Snailstorming!
A quick sketch on my drawing tablet to get things started and have the design approved by the curator.
Rough drafts of the object.
With the concept figured out on paper, I've now started designing and building in 3d.
Rooooaaaaar!!!  The shell has an eye instead of a spiral.... It's an angry little eye.
Shell's almost done... Starting to figure out the snails body shape.
Here is the snail body volume mockup looking a bit slugish without the shell... excusse the pun.
The snail body will be made from small size junk I've collected over the past 30yrs or so.
Photo by FILE Photography.
Here it is at the exhibit.  The shell was masked a few times to be sprayed with acrylics.  If I sell it, I'll mold it, then I'll cast it out of resin and paint it again!
Follow the Magic Box
"Follow the Magic Box"
-When he was a child, he had, a magic box.  Now the magic box, has in it, a magic child.
A quick sketch before starting to build/design the second model exhibited at the ART4MORE.
Cut-offs, shavings and tests from small 3D projects (gathered on and off over a period of 15yrs) will dress this sculpture.  The junk is the same pallet and texture as the snail, in a different scale.
          The mdf box was cut and modified several times, until I was satisfied with the proportions.
This one is called "Ακολούθα το Μαγικό Κουτί" ("Follow the Magic Box") and was the first one made in this series.  Its snail brother is actually the sequell and represents its visual solution.  You can take a look at similar works in the FRAGMENTATION project.  Photo by FILE Photography.
People looking at the snai! and hand!
People not looking at the snail and hand!
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