2017 New Era Training Collection
In March of 2017 we traveled to a snow covered Buffalo to create a :30 second TV commercial for our partners at New Era Cap. Weather and location constraints required our team to improvise and problem solve. We needed to illustrate the caps and we needed huge athletes to train. With 8 days to find a suitable indoor space, and produce a full television production, there was no choice to stretch our creative thought process and think differently about the athlete "traditional" training video. There were no indoor stadiums in Buffalo, the Bills indoor facility, our intended location was not available on the days the NFL athletes were, so with a week and a day till shoot, we had no space that could facilitate our script. 

Our amazing team in Buffalo found the Colonel Ward Pumping station, and once we saw it we knew there was a visual story that could be wrapped around the location. We adapted the script, and storyboarded it around this fantastic space. We created a beautiful spot by working with what the location provided and enhancing the lighting just enough to create a dreamy, mysterious, spot that shows the hard work of the athletes and there commitment to work, as they prepare for the 2017 NFL season. We are super proud of the work we put in to direct and create this spot. Athletes featured, Khalil Mack, Sterling Sheppard, Le'Veon Bell, and Greg Olsen. 

Still Screen Grabs from the Arri Alexa