Grad@Grad Images
Project Description
For this project we had to integrate the 5 grad at grad terms into photos of our choice. Our group decided to use pictures of animals that symbolize these traits. To integrate grad at grad terms, we used layer masks to blend the words into the background. This gives the appearance that the terms are in the image and not simply pasted on top. For this project, we got all of our photos for inspiration from For out text we used the Carton type from 


Final Images

Explantation of Design Decisions 
The main decision that our group made was to use animals in all of our photos, this was because animals are very easily related to different aspects of human life, for example when you think of a bear or a lion you think of fierce animal. We liked how humans relate animals to different emotions and aimed to exploit as they look at our piece. Another big decision was deciding on the typeface. We wanted something that had both thick horizontal and horizontal, so that no matter where the font was cut out the audience could clearly determine what letter was being obstructed by the object. So we found the perfect match, Carton, it had everything we required to achieve what we wanted on this project.
Grad@Grad Images