HoloLens App Speaker was programmed and designed on VR Challange Hackathon Unit9 2017 in Łódź, Poland. 
This work get honorable mension in contest on hackathon.

With this prototype app, you can arrange some interiors with two types of speaker (main and subwoofer).
When you put a speaker somewhere in the space, you hear sound – you can move, rotate, duplicate and delete your speakers to hear and see where sounds are, how many and what kind speakers you need. Futhermore sounds are "visible" – high (main speaker)  and low (subwoofer) tones ale visualised by thin coloured lines. They fall and bounce off from the floor, walls and any other things in the space.

App was made by Artur Ryt (programming) and Anna Pikuła (graphic / UI) for 48 hours.
Sound: Claudja Barry – Good Time (nevesID Remix – soundcloud.com/nevesid).

Article about the hackathon and our project: http://bit.ly/2tSrkEs

up: UI presentation
down: showing base functions and usage example