This Christmas decoration set was designed for pupils (about 4-12 years old) of Youth Cultural Center (Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury "Śródmieście", Wrocław, Poland). The package of three designs were handed out to children as a Christmas gift.
The mission of Youth Cultural Center is to develop creativity and cultural education of children, their families and local society. In this spirit I designed paper decorations based on concept "make it yourself", which are not just an obvious and ordinary gift – the child takes part of this gift creation.

The project had to be cheap in the production, what forced black and white design and A5 format. It did let the client to print hundreds of sheets their normal office printers. One side is a colouring page, the second one is a manual how to make a decoration step by step. The lines helping to cut a specific shape – a Christmas bauble, a Christmas tree and a snowflake. All what is needed to prepare these decorations are: crayons or felt-tip pens, scissors, a glue and a piece of string and some patience.

The colours are important – but they are added and chosen by children.

A child can make the decoration on its own or, to make it fun for all the family, with help of his parents and siblings. Such collaboration helps to develop closer relations and one's cooperation talent.