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Visual Identity for Wrocławskie Spacery Krajoznawcze
Wrocławskie Spacery Krajoznawcze is a walking-raid organized by the Cultural Youth Center “Śródmieście”, Wrocław, Poland.
It is a city-game intended to primary school’s groups of teenagers.
The young people compete with each other in two categories: JUNIORS (4-6 grades) and SENIORS (7-8 grades). The contestants aimed at finding 5 points in the city and taking a tests of a knowledge about Wrocław.

Goals of the event are:
- popularity a knowledge about Wrocław and Lower Silesia voivodeship
- promoting a walking tourism and terrain orientation ability  
- shaping bonds between young people and immediate environment
- supporting for regional education process.
At this time the raid hadn’t had consistent materials and hadn’t had any logotype or any other graphic sign.
On the project were working 2-3 people, and each of them created himself his/her own part of all material.
After analyzing last year’s editions (all printed materials, digital materials sent via email, a raid schedule and problems), the process was projected again. It included improvement an organization of raid, refine and redesign existing forms and necessary documents.
A project was split into 4 project phases
For organizers one of important point of the visual identity was similarity to visual identity of Cultural Youth Center “Śródmieście”. They wanted to the Wrocławskie Spacery Krajoznawcze should be associated with them. So that, the colours and typography used in the project is the same as in visual identity of Cultural Youth Center.
Wrocławskie Spacery Krajoznawcze always takes a place in Wrocław - in the big, historic city, among the buildings created in various architectural styles. One of the icon of Wrocław is a late-gothic town hall.
Main inspirations to design a logo was medieval architecture, and primarily a facade of wroclawian town hall and idea of the raid - moving on the paths and geometrical structure of maps.

The pattern, what was used to create a poster and any other materials, shows so complicated structure of the city. It refers to a labyrinth, which is associated with narrow and densely streets of so many medieval cities, so of Wrocław as well.
The goal of the raid is find the shortest way between several points in labyrinths of wroclawian streets, answer for a questions about Wrocław and reach to a finish line as fastest as it is possible.
A pattern allows a unlimited multiplications and expanding this colorful and dynamic city.
Raid Rules
Notification Card of Participation in Raid
Participant Card
Graphics for Facebook
Materials had sent to a schools via email as interactive pdfs. A group’s tutors who declared participation in raid received next forms package (Start Card and a Schedule of Starts).
Schedule of Starts
Start Card 
Technical Card
Test Booklets
(an author of tests is Magdalena Łazorczyk-Szkudlarska)
Control Points
Diplomas for a participation for all teams

After raid Test Booklets were verifying and checking by organizers, who were counting points and picking winners. All of tutors was informed about place via email. Winner groups were invited for festive ceremony - summary of raid and handing awards.
Named diplomas for all won contestants, tutors and schools.
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Visual Identity for Wrocławskie Spacery Krajoznawcze

Visual Identity for Wrocławskie Spacery Krajoznawcze