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DATE: 23-June-20**

Object K4-3345, with the designated name, Gungnir, is a massive artificial object that was first discovered by the [REDACTED] Probe, during its flyby mapping mission on the Valles Marineris, a vast canyon system, one of Mars' iconic surface features. Its exact location was to determined to be at the Melas Chasma region of the Valles Marineris canyon system, based on a ground report by the clandestine [REDACTED] expedition to the location of interest.

The object described to be "needle-like", or resembling that of a Spearhead, is determined to be at least 25 kilometers in length from end to end, with nearly half of its structure partially buried. The object seems intact due to the lack of any visible debris at its vicinity. It is unknown if the object had previously experienced a catastrophic event or had simply "landed" at the site, due to the lack of any visible drag marks or any surface features that suggest that it had "crashed". If such an event had truly occurred, then it must've happened in the distant past, long enough for any signs of it to be erased by environmental factors.

At the time of this report, no other anomalies were detected within the 50 kilometer radius zone of the object. No radiation, nor any signs of activity are detected as well. Further up-close investigation is needed for a conclusive report. (Refer to Full Document)
ET (Enhanced Thoughtography) SESSION [001-01: K4-3345]
Target: K4-3345
Name of Clairvoyant: CLASSIFIED
Location of Session: CLASSIFIED
Duration of Session: 5hrs 23mins 16secs

The following images are obtained through Enhanced Thoughtography. These were among the most coherent imprints out of the 78 photo imprints generated during the session, many of which are devoid of any discernible features, merely consisting of blurs, noises, and overexposure.

Context in terms of time and location is unknown. But the Clairvoyant who channeled these images claimed that it was far in the distant past, hence the extreme difficulty in channeling coherent images.

The following images gives strong credence that the object is indeed a massive space faring vessel. One of its main features is its ability to fan out a 6 petal structure at its bow section, to reveal a pointed megastructure. The stern section also has multiple petal structures that can fan out just the same. (ref: HF 23-45-098)
Due to the obscure nature of the imprint, it's hard to discern as to what exactly is happening in the following image. The Clairvoyant described the scene as a truly terrifying one, but full of awe at the same time. Some suggests that the Gungnir is facing an unknown planet in the distance. The bright flash of light could hint at the possibility that the Gungnir is a weapon of mass destruction. (refer to Full Document for further info)
(ref: HF 98-66-84)
An image displaying a section of the ship. No other features of special interest are present. (ref: HF 88-74-12)

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(Artist's note: This is going to be a side project that I'm thinking of expanding later. I'm thinking of making each Case File a comprehensive one, with extra artworks and info. For now, each entry is going to be like a teaser, with only one main artwork. Hope you enjoyed it!)