Aurora - Exhibition VI BLUE
For this exhibition we are certainly feeling the Blues. A color often associated with water and the heavens, a color that has seen diverse use and highly prized since ancient days across different cultures, coveted by royalty and artisans alike.

Blue is a color of power, authority and divinity. A color of balance and equilibrium. It also evokes a sense of calmness, tranquility, and peace. But apart from the benign and benevolent, blue is also associated with lifelessness, gloom, and sadness. It can also represent the darkness or the night.
Steeped with diverse meaning, it is no wonder that the color blue holds the record of being the world's most favorite color.

Please enjoy these creations from our Aurora Artists and may they help you with the blues.
Freighter Arrival by Carl Holden
All My Favourite Blue Things by Rachel Rusk
Ancient Civilization by Anwar Mostafa
Attack on Tenack B by Alastair Temple
Blazing Talons by Erik Shoemaker
Blue Illusion by Sydney Taos
Blue Girl by Edwin Servaas
Blue Lucy by Christian Hecker
Controlled Freedom by Anwar Mostafa
Day of Black Sun by Stu Ballinger
DeepScan by Grigori Shevtsov
Deer Protector by Gene Von Edler
Elven Prince by Alastair Temple and James Knowles
Entering Valhalla by Tobias Roetsch
Evening of Attraction by Dragoon
Explorer by Daniel Tatarinow
Finished the Job by Christian Hecker
Firmware by Maxime Des Touches
From the Deep by Mark Joseph Paje
Genshiro by Maxime Des Touches
Ghostly Gravity by Stu Ballinger
Excalibur by Alastair Temple
Headspace by Ari Bennett
Lucid Apophenia I by Julian Faylona
Lucid Apophenia II by Julian Faylona
Lucid Apophenia III by Julian Faylona
Lucid Apophenia IV by Julian Faylona
Melancholy by Hema Puran
Melochoto-nin Magic by Kevin Philippe
Nightfall by Julian Faylona
Sanctuary by Daniel Tatarinow
Switched Off by Katie Borkin
The Search by Alastair Temple
Verdant Pastures by Julian Faylona and Alastair Temple
The Beach by Sean Cruz
Convalescence by Brandon Kocher
Reborn by Moe Pike Soe
Ascension by Anthony Giacomino
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Aurora - Exhibition VI BLUE

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Aurora - Exhibition VI BLUE

Aurora Art collective Exhibition VI Blue