Aurora - Exhibition V GREEN
If any colour is the colour of the circle of life it is green. 
Green brings to mind the lush fields of spring or a desert oasis, bustling with new vibrant life.

It can also however be the colour of rot and decay, of poison, nausea and illness. This contrast in the things green can evoke, show how it can represent new life, death and rebirth. Green really is the colour of life, so come, experience all of life’s wonders with us!
Chill your base II  |  Christian Hecker
Crystal Triad Gene Von Edler
The Ents Matteo Ascente
Negative Thoughts  |  Anwar Mostafa
Renovado half  |  Josue Iniguez 
Microgreen  |  Anthony Giacomino
Hyperscan Grigori Shevtsov
Celestial Spheres  |  Samuel Hue
The masquerade  |  Kevin Philippe
Riverside Mystic  |  Dragoon
Prim  |  Christian Hecker
Viridescence Julian Faylona
Shroom  |  Julian Faylona
ill  Mark Joseph Paje
Viridian  |  Maxime Des Touches
Mermaid Cove  |  Katie Borkin
A whole summer lost  |  Keith Kosmal
Tengu in the lake  |  Kent Haley
The goblin king  |  Alastair Temple and James Knowles
Rekon 2  |  Maxime Des Touches
Mother  |  Daniel Tatarinow
Boonmee  |  Kent Haley
A voyagers end  |  Christian Hecker
Underwater  |  Daniel Tatarinow
The Gardeners  |  Alastair Temple
The Shrine  |  Daniel Tatarinow
Mutation  |  Alastair Temple
POISON IVY  |  Estelle Chomienne
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Aurora - Exhibition V GREEN