Today At Apple Background Screen Animation

Super fun quick project, I got a chance to help out with a visual used in the launch video for Apple's new community based approach to their stores. I created the illustrations on the iPad Pro in Adobe Draw, 3 different stages. 
Then sent the Adobe Draw files to Adobe Illustrator on my laptop to clean up a bit and create stages in between the original 3. I think I landed on 9-10 total and really just used some transforming, shearing and creative redrawing here and there to try and capture th effect of the car bouncing up and down. 
Then I cut and pasted each frame into a layer in Photoshop. I'm not an animator but wanted to retain a jerky style that matched the drawing style. I also added a really loose street scene to give the animation some context. It was easy to create a looped animated gif from the PS timeline window. 
You gotta look quick! I think its about :45 seconds into the video playing behind a live performance in store. I had to create a giant gif to hold up on the huge in-store screens. 
Watch the video below, lot of really cool stuff happening at these events. Check out what's happening and when near you at link