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Nostalgia In Modern Times
The Colours of our Lives
Red is warm, blue is cool, green is fresh and natural. We use colour to strengthen our perception of almost everything in the world. And ever since the invention of Three-Strip Technicolour in the 1940s, film-makers have employed colour to heighten the emotions they wish to convey. In this special “Colour Collection”, we present the work of 18 internationally known short-film specialists �" all of whom regard colour as a crucial element of their creativity.Featuring:
Deko / FIELD / Fluorescent Hill / HunterGatherer / James Wignall / Jonas Odell / Ljudbilden & Piloten / Maxime Bruneel / Mirrorshade / Paul Rayment / Psyop / Special Problems / Sugimoto Kousuke / TANGRAM / This Is For Reels / Tim Nackashi / weareflink / Yu Sato
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The Present Imperfect
Is there a counter-revolution underway against the “perfection” that modern technology has brought to our artistic endeavours? Time was when you could tell that a work of art had been man-made by the small flaws in its execution �" these tended to give it an endearingly human touch and very often underscored the passion that went into making it. To say nothing of the serendipitous discoveries that came with a non-assisted approach. More and more artists, it seems, are taking a trip back to those less-exacting days. Call it “nostalgia art”, call it “retro”, it holds a lot of appeal for a lot of designers.Featuring:
Aesthetic Apparatus | Doe Eyed Design | Doublenaut | Jim Datz | Jimmy Turrell | Middle Boop | Pandayoghurt | Tyler Stout
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Design’s poster-boy has come of age
Polish poster-art was once among the most admired in the world. A lot has happened since those glory days, including the death of the political system that could be said to have inspired it. Is there still a definitive and recognisable style to the country’s design output? The consensus seems to be “Probably not”. But that doesn’t mean that Poles such as our 13 featured artists are not still producing work of the very finest quality.Featuring:
StudioKxx / Jakub Jezierski / Werke - Marcin Kuligowski / Sebastian Onufszak / Kuba Ferenc / Edgar Bak / Pawel Piotr Przybyl / Katarzyna Kijek & Przemyslaw Adamski / Grezegorz Domaradzki / Mill Studio / Jan Kallwejt / Michat Kruszynski / Dominik Cymer
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Sister cities unite to advance urban architecture in China
Separated by only a river, Hong Kong and Shenzhen are two sides of the same burnished coin in the economic success story that is China’s Pearl River Delta. It now transpires that Shenzhen has set its sights on becoming the design capital of the country �" a title that formerly Hong Kong could have laid some claim to. If these two sister cities can pool their talent, their know-how and their ambitions �" as they did for the recent 3rd Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture �" there is no telling what they might achieve together.
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Type casting
Among the many innovations pioneered by Amsterdam-based designer Jarrik Muller is a font made entirely out of paper. Here he explains why he never tires of the magic of type and the challenges it presents him with.Featuring: Jarrik Muller
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