Cafés La Estrella
1 Gold EFI (Spanish Efficacy awards)
1 Silver El Sol
C de C Book 2013
Cafés La Estrella was founded in 1887 and is a household name in the central region of Spain. It needs to reach younger people and modernise its image without losing its value as a traditional brand. You can’t change a brand that has been around for 125 years from one day to the next, so we decided to create a new one! Under the concept “Good things live on”, we invented a new line to get people talking about our products.

We invented: Teletorrija, the first home delivery service for traditional “torrijas” (a very traditional pastry made during Easter)

A delivery service designed to maintain the tradition of eating “torrijas” during Easter Week. First we designed the identity of the new brand. And then we dealt with the communications side of launching a new business. We presented it to the media, We shoot a video and posted it on the Internet. The “torrijas”, always accompanied by coffee, are made at one of Madrid’s oldest bakeries, and can only ordered through the Cafés La Estrella Facebook page.

The idea behind our delivery service started to make its way not only to people’s stomachs, but also to their hearts. People started taking photos, and talking about it on the social networks.

The idea caught on and La Estrella's new line became hot news. We took advantage of the period during holliday time and filled it with content. Teletorrija spread our brand message throughout Spain. By restoring and updating the tradition of “torrijas”, we restored and modernised our traditional brand, We proved that a longstanding product can be modern and that quality is not unique to new products.

Teletorrija is yet another initiative of the 1887 Movement set up to rediscover good brands that shouldn’t disappear.

Creamos una identidad corporativa para la nueva marca. Con una imagen inspirada en la tradición de ganchillo, técnica de hilado con la que se solían hacer antiguamente los tapetes que cubrían las mesitas de café.
El proceso.
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Agencia: La Despensa
Director de arte: Antonio Castillo
Diseñador gráfico: Héctor Rodríguez
Redactores: Raúl Cirujano y Lolo Ortega
Realizador: Guido Belforte
AgenciaPR: Comunicación Enbicicleta
photo: Alfonso Herranz