· 1 BRONZE.  CLIO 2016
·  IN BOOK.  One Show  2016

. 1 SILVER. CdeC 2016
. 1 BRONZE CdeC 2016
. 1 SILVER. Ampe 2016
· 1 SILVER.  El Sol 2015. Iberoamerican Advertising Fesitval.
. 1 GOLD.  JC Decaux 2015
. 1 GRAND PRIX.  JC Decaux 2015
. 1 GOLD.   JC Decaux 2015
.  SHORTLIST.  El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2015
. 1 GOLD.    Magazine Control 2015
. 1 GOLD.    Magazine ANUNCIOS 2016
·  IN BOOK.  EPICA 2015
A design poster to comunicate all the benefits of a motorbike, in a car.
Illustration: Ray Oranges
Illustration: Ales Santos
Illustration: Ales Santos
Feel Free has the objective of positioning  a smart vehicle as the best means of transportation for modern cities in Spain. Cities tend to be increasingly affected by excessive traffic and daily traffic jams. We realized that motorcycles were our biggest competitors and that citizens had found them as a way to address many of these problems. But motorcycles are by no means a perfect mode of transport. We decided to focus on the advantages of motorcycles to show the values of our car: agile, independent, modern, easy to park… Everything you need to feel free in the city. We superimposed images of our cars on various models of motorcycles using illustrations with flat powerful colors and retro aesthetics. We published the illustrations in trendy local magazines and newspapers and in the Smart dealers.

Agency: Contrapunto BBDO
Executive Creative Directors: Félix del Valle y Carlos Jorge
Art Director: Antonio Castillo
Copy: Lolo Ortega
Illustrator: Ray Oranges  and Ales Santos

"Print" Smart