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    project is rust beer cans that symbolize genocide
These objects at first look to be old used up beer cans, found in oneparticular place in the desert beside a dried up river bed. But, whenwe look closer, in fact they are people. Drank, consumed, rejected,smashed, broken, forgotten, cheap, rusted, humiliated anddisintegrated. In the same time, devalued with uniform markings oftheir mass production. They are treated and looked upon the same, theyalways used to be dirty niggers, irrelevant. They all look the same andthey are all tied by one same mark, thought �" Bitter Victory. Bitter Victory is history of destruction, timeline ofone genocide that started long ago until today- nothing changed much.They all used to be same people. Older ones are just bit more rusted,less legible color, less legible name. But still, it's known that theircommon name is Bitter Victory.            That same Victoria that made white Anglo Saxons rich and powerful,owners of other human beings, made empire of greed and cruelty bitterto a vast majority, and the alcohol that white people invented hasbecome a true genocide: genocide of mind, memory, pride, faith,knowledge, justice and respect. That alcohol has become bitter,bitterest of all whip strokes, chains, cages and stolen children.Victoria or Bitter- depends of color.            Pictures are beautified with flattering lights and filters, presentedwith red sunset colors, colors of expensive romantic diners understarry sky, presented with all those colors that tourists want to seeromantic desert and colors that are appropriate for white people toattractively polish it's own crimes and repackaging it into touristattraction.            After  all, Victoria Bitter is proudly Australian.