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    lines in the sand
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Wave that succeeded in reaching the shore is life which last act wasfulfillment. Look at that last act of wondrous life that was spilled infront of our feet and you will see that only shadows are ones who aredefining the life. Become a shadow in a gray world (and you will seethat life is there, behind).
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Secretscannot be revealed. I don’t want to know if a wave and sand is our lastremembrance, are we maybe a line, which came from somewhere , reachesand dies, or we might be sand, endless desert, a live canvas on whichGod paints it’s truths and writes life
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Tounderstand death, we have to become close to the soul, which uponhearing a dying whisper, flies away and floats above body. So, as wehave to lean over these letters, over the last words of the image, andthen fly above body, distant ourselves, and see a line, which presentsour life, that was never, ever broken.
Text that belongs to this picture was written very small and can beread only if we lean very close, almost dive into the picture. It is anotion of how we are all passing through life: small steps, small as agrain of sand, and only when we die, when our soul elevate above us,from high, we are able to comprehend our life as a wholeness and seethat our life is one eternal, unbroken line.
This images are 3 meters long and text that you can read is so small that you have to lean so close to image that picture will have to feel your breath...that way, picture knows that you are alive.