Whirpools of the Water Soul
Whirlpools of the Water Soul
If we want to learn to read water, firstly we have to learn to read sky, stones, wind and reflection of live beings that live in that water. Only then we can read water, which doesn't have shape, whose features depends on the shapes of others, features that are filling the void, negation of established existance, viscous space of reflection.

“Whirlpools of water soul” should be read as you sit besides little stream, far, far from everybody and long, long gazing in water that quietly passes. And in one moment of that silence the soul of that water starts to unwind in front of us... in the end, I remember only one thing being said: Life is the same as whirlpool, it sucks us in suddenly, swallows and everything that is left behind us is read according to how we honored heavens, shaped wind, pile our stones and touched beings that are alive.