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    Analogue photos that came from a broken Minolta XD7 camera on a journey through Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain and Portugal.
In April 2016 I started to travel through Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain and Portugal with my car. My intention was to document the journey with a Minolta XD7 film camera to use the photos afterwards for my bachelor's degree project. After one and a half month of photographing I send the films to a friend to develop them. Some weeks later he called me to tell me that my camera was broken and that all photos I took so far got stripes of light on it. On this day I let go my intention and my trip starts to turn into a whole different direction, what was really good.

Now back home, looking at the photos, I was surprised by the effects these beams of light had.
So I decided to upload them as an experimental project.

I hope you'll enjoy,
thanks for watching.