Augmented Reality Concert experience with Microsoft Hololens - Prototype
About Marcel Thomas Geraeds & the Hololens project

360 Cinema Concert: 
the mixed reality experience with Hololens in the concert hall.

The mission of conductor Marcel Thomas is to offer the complete expression possible with a classical concert. Now that the digital revolution allows worthy light and visual images, according to Thomas, the time is right to complement a live symphony with holographic visuals so that the ‘true story’ of a classical composition can be told.

This is in line with the adage of Thomas to reveal the music in the music. The aim of the artist is to intensify the experience of audiences by classical concerts and to attract a completely new one.


Client: Artishock / Marcel Thomas Geraeds
Team: Marcel Thomas Geraeds, Cristian Vorstius Kruijff, Jeroen de Mooij
Execution: Edward van Dongen (VIED), Arjan van der Ent (Centric), Wortell, Rick Arnold

The prototype is built around the classical piece "The Planets" from Gustav Holst, in which Mars is the planet of war. Based on global guidelines from Marcel, I developed the visual story which had to emphasise the audio queues but also not be too dominant in view. And the visuals should really make use of the 3D opportunities the Hololens added. 

As I did not own a Hololens, the whole project was made for the GearVR. We took 360 photos on location and used that as the reference for a zero position.
When we finally could test a version on a Hololens, it ran instantly on an acceptable framerate.

Tags: Unity3D, HoloLens, AR, XR, Concert, Live audio

More info:

Project movie (by VIED)
HTC VIVE Screencapture