Beat the Keeper
A (non)VR cross-platform controlled multiplayer game
There are already social VR games around but not so much Party-Play type of game. The idea for this game prototype came from the notion that VR is typically a non-social experience. The player is immersed in their own world and has no contact with people outside VR.

Based on our Kinect based "keeper game" (link), we developed a prototype to see if playing with other people on various devices would bring some extra fun in it.
And yes, it does!
Basically this concept could work for a broad range of (serious) games / applications.
Depending on the subject it allows players with non-VR devices to interact with a person in VR. Either by helping or just annoy each other in a fun way.
Tags : #vive #unity3d #mobile #ios #android #OSx #windows #soccer #keeper #party #multiplayer