Annual Convention of Berks County School Directors Branding for 2015. We feature a different district every year and then highlight one of their buildings by using photos in our marketing and then including a tour at the event. 
Sungard PA Users Group was in need of a brand for their annual conference. I used their palette to design a matrix of sessions and then continued the look in their signage, program book, and registration materials. 
Annual Administrators' Conference was branded a few years back with a Mondrian look and feel. Every year I give it a fresh palette and then tie my logo back to a compass, directional focus. It's fun to find old globes or maps for the image and to drive the current palette. 
Our Print Services Center needed a marketing piece that would inform and at the same time display the services they provide to the BCIU and to school districts. I created this unique tri-fold and then we used a die to round some of the corners. We print it on various color to show off our stock paper options. It's also very cost effective to produce as it's printed two-up on a tabloid sheet. 
I'm fortunate to get to do work with one of our CTCs to build their brand and market their services to high school student in Berks County. I work hand in hand with their marketing person to produce advertising, brochures (advisory committee, program specific, and 9th grade promo), postcards, newsletters, and their program of studies book. All have the same branding to build consistency and recognition for their services. 
As part of board appreciation month I got to spec and design a flash card for our board members. We created a movie about the BCIU for our board. I branded the flash card and they were produced economically by a local vendor. They can be reused as a flash drive still bearing our branding!
I had the opportunity to design the logo and branding for Montgomery County Intermediate Unit. There are 22 stars to represent each of their school districts and is reminiscent of the star formation on the Betsy Ross flag which is indigenous to their geographic area. I did graphic standards, business cards, envelopes, newsletter masthead, letterhead and website graphics.