Pedro Autumn Winter 2012
Website design & development for
Pedro has been the maker of fashionable footwear and accessories for both men and women. This autumn winter campaign has a vintage feel, with darker shades of brown as the theme colour.
The primary consideration for the new website is responsive, usable on multiple screen sizes. Another consideration is the ability to be viewed on iOS devices, so Flash was not used. We built the responsive part based on Initializr, and a customized Video.js for all videos.
On the Home page, the user is immediately greeted with a visual representation of the featured items, special collection and important functions.
The campaign video for Pedro Autumn WInter 2012 Collection, is embed on the Campaign page.
The Campaign page contains the latest campaign video and catalogue, which works on all modern browsers.
Apart from the menu on the side navigation, the Product Categories page, contains visual representation of each categories.
A list of past product launches and events in reverse chronological order.
The contact form is responsive and utilized client-side validation.
All works and materials are copyright of