Pedro Autumn Winter 2011
Website design & development for
Pedro has been the maker of fashionable footwear for both men and women. This winter campaign has a slick and futuristic feel, with blue as the obvious theme colour. One of the consideration for the new design, is to avoid the usage of Flash component, as it doesn't work on iOS devices. 
The landing page takes a minimalism approach, with just the logo in a black translucent block, overlaying the blueish backdrops. The background utilized Supersize3 script to achieve fullscreen and it changes the images at certain duration. The menu slides out upon user's cursor hover the block, achieved by CSS3.
The top navigation and the products container has a translucent background, allowing the gradient textured background shows through. The top navigation uses the drop down menu upon hover, to de-clutter the screen. The products container features a touch-enabled swiping gesture pagination, that works on touch-enabled devices, like iPhone and iPad.
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