Pedro Spring Summer 2012
Website design & development for
Pedro has been the maker of fashionable footwear for both men and women. This spring summer campaign has a retro and vintage feel, with brown as the general theme colour.
The landing page features a translucent bar, with the logo and the collection, overlaying the main campaign photo. The fullscreen background image and the bar hover transition are achieved by CSS3.
Upon selecting the main items on the top navigation, the whole of the current page slide out and the next page slide in, which is done by javascript.
The products page uses mono-color theme, with sub-menu showing below the main menu, to project a clean and no-fuzz interface. There is a filter on the left side, where user could choose a preferred color theme, and the products will be filtered and arranged real-time without reloading.
A view changer is added on the lower right side. Views are changed dynamically without reloading the whole page. The zoom mechanism will load as the view is changed.
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