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    ISTD It happend on this day 27 April 1994
27 April 1994 { ISTD }
It happened on this day

This project it about the most iconic dayin South African history, 27 April 1994 - the day all South Africans could votethe first democratic elections. The brief states that when the reader engages with this project, itneeds to address the norms of information architecture while actively workingto evoke an emotional response. Thus, I decided not only to focus on thespecific day, but attempt to give insight into the whole story.

When I started the project, I realizedthat I could not tell a story that evokes emotions, if I don’t understand theseemotions. I decided to take a personaljourney to the Apartheids museum in Johannesburg, in order to explore the pastfor myself. It was a life changingexperience and for the first time, I understood the true meaning of the word Apartheid. From this insight I developed myconcept: You have to explore the past, to understand the present, to imagine abetter future. I decided to take thereader through the Apartheid timeline, evoking emotion by giving insight the conditionsand impact of Apartheid. Thus, whenthe reader reads about 27 April 1994, they will recognize the true meaning andsignificance of this day and appreciate democratic South Africa, as we know ittoday.

The book consists out of four parts: thehistory of Apartheid, the rise of the Anti-Apartheid movement; the day of thefirst democratic election and the new constitution of South Africa. I chose Walbaum, Novecento Wide andGeorgia as fonts. Walbaum is similar to the style of the newspapers and reportsduring the Apartheid period. Ichoose Novecento Wide as second heading font, thus combing San Serif withSerif. The visual elements andsymbols are inspired from the posters and signs of the period.