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    Branding project for Blink Stefanus
Blink Stefanus
Wolhaar Beeldpoetsers poets Stefanus se geskende beeld
The brief for this project was given to us by StefanusNel. We received five BlinkStefanus stickers and a Blink Stefanus T-shirt. We had to do tag and trade,which required the following: whenan normal object was tagged with a Blink Stefanus sticker on, it had moreworth, thus trading can take place. The brief required that we needed to record the tag and trade process ina most creative way we can come up with.

In my project I added on to Blink Stefanus’s story, givingthe reason why he wears a helmet: he’s actually bold. The story goes as follow: Blink Stefanus is a space travelerwhom has crash landed on earth in 1974. He and Stefanus Nel, a renownedmarketing expert, got married on February 14. The couple is still just as inlove as ever. But one romantic outing didn’t end well for Blink. Tuesday evening, at 19h34 outside MonteCasino after dinner with Stefanus Nel, Blink Stefauns stepped skewed, lost hisbalance and fell. At that moment Blink Stephen's helmet has fallen off,exposing his boldness.

Adding to this made up story, a created an organization,Wolhaar Beeldpoetsers. In my projectthey offer Blink Stefanus their service. Wolhaar's spin-doctors is anorganization that has existed since 1988. Their major customers were, Riaan recently, Steve Hofmeyer. WolhaarBeeldpoetsers come up with the suggestion to make Blink Stefanus a hairpiece,to cover up his boldness. Thus,for my tag and trade, I went to eight guys whom donated their hair for BlinkStefanus, in order to recover his scarred image.

Throughout my project I used iconic South African brands andcelebrities, in order to contribute to the branding idea behind BlinkStefanus. This also makes thisproject proudly South African and relates to the heritage trend.
Hair from every donor is packaged separately.
Packaging front, back and cover.
Every donor also received a certificate and title for their contribution.
Products for Blink Stefanus to take good care of his new hair piece.