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Caroline County Visitor Guide - multiple years

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Caroline County Visitor Guide - multiple years

Project Purpose:
To promote tourism for Caroline County, Virginia

Tourists, travelers, commuters, residents of the county

Caroline County is situated between the Northern Virginia / Washington D.C. area to the north and Richmond, Virginia (the state capital) to the south. Both of these localities are major tourism and business destinations. Caroline County is not generally a planned stop for most travelers – business or leisure. Even most of the residents of Caroline County commute daily out of the area. Our biggest challenge was to identify the primary and secondary tourism draws in the county and then present them to travelers and residents in a way to peak their interest enough to make those attractions become destinations.
The final tourism publication would be displayed in the major state welcome centers and needed to stand out among the hundreds of other brochures and booklets. Caroline County, being a “hard sell” to begin with, needed prospective tourists to pick up their visitor guide and begin looking at it – even though the travelers were not previously interested in the county.

Working closely with my client (Caroline County Director of Tourism), we strategized, brainstormed and researched. The amount of information and imagery we planned to have in the marketing piece suggested a magazine style publication would be necessary.
After we planned out the sequence of information, I designed the layout and color scheme, chose photographs and composed artwork. The color palette I decided on was directly tied to my research of the state welcome centers. I needed this Visitor Guide to stand out, so I spent some time at one of the Virginia Welcome Centers reviewing what was on display. What I observed were covers of brochures and booklets with scenery/landscapes, historical places and photos of people – nice covers, but very few stand outs.
The tactic I decided on to get travelers to take action and actually pick up the guides from the rack was to compose the cover and much of the internal pages of the Visitor Guide with bright, saturated colors. This worked perfectly. Once travelers picked up the Guide and looked through it, Caroline County got the initial tourism exposure it had hoped to get from this project.
The County now also has the Visitor Guide to pass out to residents at local gatherings, the county fair and any other events.
Inside cover and page 1 spread
Caroline County Visitor Guide - multiple years

Caroline County Visitor Guide - multiple years

Tourism Guide for Caroline County