A „viskó” (Shanty)  is a tiny house made out of wood or stone and looks like a shed. The village where I come from is originally settled by Slovaks. Obviously, Pilisszántó has strong emotional and cultural ties to the Slovak traditions up to this day. In the springtime during one of my roamings on the mountainside in „Podyrich” (district) I stumbled upon abandoned tiny little houses that played an important role in the village further back but nowadays they are in ruins. After the exploring of Pilisszántó, I explored under the mount Pilis then on the Isle of Szentendre and the surrounding villages. Some shanties are still inhabited in some places they function as „portable houses”, somewhere as a shelter from the Sun for land-workers. Whenever I’m on the road, anyplace in the world I always chase after unique little houses, shanties. In the course of one of these investigations, I bumped into them in Croatia too. Each and every time Iook for stories about them. What purpose did they originally serve? Who were the people inhabiting them? But most of all, why have they got abandoned by their previous owners?