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Good Die My Friend
In the tragicomedy „Good Die My Friend“ a supposedly trivial competition between two neighbors comes to an escalation. Disregarding their surroundings, both of them destroy, driven by greed, their own habitat until a catastrophe is inevitable.
The short movie has a most human behavior at its core. Greed keeps the man alive and makes him strive for more. It defeats the will to survive: the man builds a chaos and wallows in it. And he does not change anything until a point is reached, where surviving isn't possible anymore. But does he learn from his past or does he simply change the environment to start the chaos all over again?
The animation was created frame by frame (with some digital aid). The technique was used to emphasize the handcraft, the man can choose what he builds and how he designs his surroundings. The illustration style appears infantile and reminds us of cave paintings — the primal instincts of the human are embedded in this style.
We decided to use color sparingly. The texture was created from different pictures of Plasticine and colored in After Effects. They give the picture some more movement and emphasize different parts of the scene. Plasticine was used because it is a formable material, like the human forms his surroundings.
Different character designs
The treatment was a long process. Many changes where made until we found a way to tell our story.
Most films are promoted with a poster. We thought it would be a great idea to print posters for "Good Die My Friend" also. We used the Plasticine texture as a base and screen printed about 30 posters. Each one is an unique copy.
Screenings & Features
Production Laura Klinke, Felix Buhler, Daniela Koltermann
Illustration Laura Klinke
Texture Felix Buhler
Animation Felix Buhler, Laura Klinke, Daniela Koltermann
Music and Sound Felix Buhler
Graphic Design Laura Klinke, Felix Buhler, Daniela Koltermann
Screen Print Laura Klinke, Felix Buhler

Special thanks to Thomas Sali, Klaus Birk, Jens Dobbers, Florian Tscharf and many more.

Thank you for watching.
Good Die My Friend

Good Die My Friend