Sag, Meister is the result of a three-month preoccupation with the famous designer Stefan Sagmeister. The project consists of 4 augmented posters for a fictional talk series that each display on important aspect of Sagmeisters work or person. 
The task was to embed our own design heroes spirit into our the work. Sagmeisters work is often typographically. He uses analog means to create very special, sagmeistery artworks. This is the concept behind every poster: use Sagmeisters methods to create some kind of work about his very self.
1. Happiness 
What can one do for their own happiness? What makes us happy? Stefan Sagmeister set out for a (re)search of happiness, he even made an exhibition and a movie about it. It is one important part of his life. The poster shows drugs, that could make us happy. But is it real happiness? The stickers on the floor ask other questions about the reasons for happiness and thus make the viewer think about this topic for themselves.  

2. Designers and their work
For any designer, at some point, the question arises what is his role. Sagmeister answers: „I believe that the objective, the refraining from something, the distancing is a mistake. It leads to unbelievably many cold and bad works and products. It also makes you happier when you get involve.“ The involvement in the designers work is illustrated by the meat. On one hand it stands for the body of the designer, on the other for the basic material of life – food. The designer needs food to live, the client needs the designer.

3. Music 
Sagmeisters work in music is world-famous. He made album covers for the Rolling Stones, Lou Reed or David Byrne. One poster is about this part. It's an interactive poster, where the design comes to live by a user actually creating music. Light is projected on a simple white canvas with some graphical elements using Ableton Live and Max.

4. Mass production 
Sagmeister needs an audience for his work, his works must be reproduced thousands of times and made accessible to everyone. The poster for this topic is a stack of paper that is painted with black ink – it's the amount of paper that matters. In between the layers there are two papers that point to the lecture and are reminiscent of a newspaper in their design.

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Sag, Meister

Sag, Meister

My work for design hero.