Create a new visual identity for the "SKULPTURENMUSEUM Glaskasten MARL".


People – led by sculptures all around the city – come to the GLASKASTEN. Everyone of them as a unique point of view to the museum. These different point of views are the concept behind the logo.
LOGO Construction

A rectangle is rotated on all three axes to give it depth. The outline of the cuboid is then the basis for the BOX, the main part of the logo.

The logo can have many different shapes. Each department of the GLASKASTEN has another view on their workplace so the can have their own unique logo.

There's also a negative version for applications on a dark background. In smaller applications the "SKULPTUREN MUSEUM MARL" is left out.

As the headline font "EFFRA Heavy" by Dalton Maag is used – always in capital letters. Its constructed and geometric character reflects the architecture of the city of Marl and especially of the museum.

As the copy font "ADRIANE TEXT Regular" is used. It stands in contrast to the geometric nature of EFFRA and thus brings the human into the inanimate.
The main design element is the CORNER. Inside of it anything can happen: animation, imagery, text – you name it. It always occurs together with the BOX. With the angle the CORNER brings a three-dimensionality to the design. The shape is as variable as is the BOX and uses the same perspective.

The grid is based on the number of sides of a cube. The format is divided into 6×6 fields where the content can be aligned. Only the CORNER must meet at the intersection of a horizontal and a vertical line.

The museum is mainly built from concrete but some parts are made from glass so the visitor can have a peak inside. Strong contrasts are also part of the concept. Bold, white areas face transparent areas. Clean white spaces meet the surrounding. Bold sans-serif against delicate serif fonts.
COURSE Conception of Design
TEACHER Sonja Frick
YEAR 2017—01

The project is a student work developed during the course "Conception of Design" at Mediendesign Ravensburg. It is not affiliated with GLASKASTEN Skulpturenmuseum Marl and not paid.
Glaskasten Marl

Glaskasten Marl

A new, redesigned corporate design for Skulpturen Glaskasten Marl. Created in the course conception of design with Sonja Frick at DHBW Ravensburg