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    Visual identity of the Summer Film Seminar called 4 Elements.

In our latitudes, reaching the age of eighteen is one of the most significant milestones of a man’s life. It opens an imaginary gate towards several previously illegal pleasures and, in terms of law, deprives us of the status of children. It marks the end of one era of youth. But what is youth, actually? A sign of quality? Or rather the opposite? Is it an individual phenomenon or rather one that is universal and ever so merciless? Does youth only have to do with age? 

4 Elements are turning eighteen and so qualify as one of the longest-running film events in Slovakia.
From a small-scale get-together for a handful of film devotees, they have “grown” into one of the biggest events of the cultural summer of Banská Štiavnica and – all in all – of the whole year. 

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