Potion Power!
My Contributions: Concept, Game Design, Illustration, Animation, and UI Design.

Potion Power was an immediate follow up to my previous game, Dazzle! Often when we have new bonus features such as the Connected Pays mechanic, we come up with more than one game using it and its other features while changing the art, so the players have a variety of games to experience! This was my concept for following up on Dazzle, a similar game but featuring a theme around a mad science lab and a variety of magic goopy potions! Hope you like it!

Like Dazzle, this game had the Connected Pays feature, which meant that instead of winning on lines that just went from left to right, the player could win by connecting symbols in any direction except diagonal! Really big connections would award major Jackpot prizes!
Besides the Connected Pays feature, this game also had a Free Spin Bonus and Mystery Wilds.
In the Free Spin, the game really ramped up the excitement! It awarded multiple free spins and while still using Connected Pays to determine wins, it also added wild symbols which were very powerful in connecting groups of the potions together!
As another minor note, the lightning effects during the freespin and seen here above during what we call 'the anticipation animation' (an exciting build up to alert the player that they have one or more part of a bonus trigger available, and the bonus event COULD be coming soon!), were my first frame by frame traditional hand drawn animations. We normally work in programs like After Effects to assist with animations, so this was a new technique for me and something I really wanted to try. They were VERY short animations, but I was pretty happy with them!
Potion Power, like Dazzle, also featured Mystery Wilds! Normally during the game when you weren't in a free spin, there were no wilds, but on any spin you had a random chance of these mystery wilds landing onto the game and giving you some for one spin!

Thanks for checking out my game! Hope you liked it, and check out Everi's site linked below for more that we've worked on!

Game footage captured by Everi. Images and video property of Everi.  Potion Power is a registered trademarks of Everi.
Potion Power

Potion Power

A video slot game I worked on at Multimedia Games (now Everi). A follow up to my previous game Dazzle featuring all of the same bonus features bu Read More