Expanding Dublin Airport
Expanding an Airport
Growth strategy for Dublin Airport
Case Study for Membership of the Royal Institute of Architects

Role: Finishes Architect
Value: €34,500,000 (excl. VAT)
Area: 9,046 sqm
Start on site: Feb 2008
Practical Completion: April 2009

How do you construct a high quality Airport Terminal Extension, quickly, within budget, and with seamless coordination? Add to this, consideration of a constant movement of passengers and operatives moving around and between the site, and structural modifications toexisting active buildings and onerous phasing?

The frame work chosen to solve this problem was a two-stage tendering process, where the client appointed a consultant team to develop an outline design, which was further developed and detailed by a contractor, with his own design team to deliveron site. Using a hybrid of a Design-Build and Management Contract - Design Manage Construct Contract. (DMC)

Some of the questions and answers that I have posed and pondered in my case study-
Was this the appropriate formula to execute this project, or would the interests of the project been better served using a tried and tested standard procurement route, such as the RIAI contract and agreement for architectural services?

I joined this project in May 2008 during construction. Previously, I was project leader of another team, coordinating a complete tender for a mixed use development which subsequently went on hold.
Iwas brought on to a team that was under severe pressure, with the task of coordinating finishes and mechanical and electrical services. It is always a challenge to step into an existing job and resolve problems that have been brewing over months, and apply reflective analysis in an environment of frenetic pace. My aim was to understand the crux of the problems and contribute to their resolution with practical communication, coordination and cooperation.
Layout of airport with T1X site redlined in centre.
Terminal Extension during construction.
Finished space activated by travelers.
Finished space with seamless coordination of all services and finishes.
Structure of external design team
Structure of Internal Design Team
Sample building, testing finishes and details.
Finished building with 'cloud' fritting on the facade.
During Construction, multiple teams and contracts been coordinated
Expanding Dublin Airport