Reaching for the Sky
Reaching for the Sky
A third floor extension on an existing building
This project was carried out working for Boyd Cody architects in Dublin. My role was to draw the construction drawings, work with the consultants and coordinate all information that was required for pricing the job.

The extension was located on top of an existing house designed for the practice to give additional space for the growing family and maximize the views to the sea. There were lots of tricky details to overcome - knitting into the existing structural frame, cantilevered details, concealing rainwater outlets and services and dealing with party wall issues with neighbouring property.
Existing house before the third floor extension.
Construction showing specifying all the finishes and wall build-ups. Top right hand corner is steel framework drawing showing the gymnastics that were required to stabiles the structure.
Site photos showing the formation of the third floor.
Solving problems on site with the contractor.
Finished project showing cantilevering required due to glass corner below.
Finished project.
Finished project with third floor extension.
Reaching for the Sky