Koyomel Bakery
Customize your own doughnut!
Then I thought to myself: "Hey, why don't I use this donut template and take orders from friends to make a bigger variety of donuts?"
It must be very cool to to make a funky colorful pattern of donuts, but what gave me a big spark of excitement is the idea of everybody putting all unique ideas together for a final product. 
"Donate a piece of cookie and order a donut with your customized flavour - yes, exclusive  for you and just you, yes, an all-yours-uniquely-unique-wtf-flavour! "  

It's so much fun how crazy everybody can come up with such unimaginable donuts, and it's even more precious to see how my friends smiles or even laughs when they see their "orders". Some of them have made their customized donut as their facebook profile pictures, phone lock screen - which makes me feel very special. It is for sure very motivating to know that they are having fun participating in this little project, and when more people place their orders. 
And hey, I got a lot of cookies and chocolates for this! A little fuel for work is also important, isn't it ;)
The project is still going on until I have enough donuts for a neat pattern :) 
Would you like to take part in this project? Join us!