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    Concept art, character design, storyboard and animatic for an animated short "Donut worry".
This is a story about a little adventure motivated by family love and about not judging a book by its cover. 
 Heavy rain does not stop Lisa from getting donuts for her precious little sister, who is still lying in mother’s belly. 
Early styleframe - Lisa at her loving home reading book for her little sister
Early styleframe - Lisa rushing in heavy rain to get donuts for her mother
First rough of Lisa before realizing she is supposed to be 6-7 year old...
 In the opening scene (at home), Lisa appears to be a little lady. But later, she becomes a knight and leaves her castle to face challenges. The difference serves the purpose of showing her strong love for family.
"Dear Bear", the bunny's owner
 This is the sad man who is looking for the lost bunny. 
 In the end, Dare Bear gives Lisa donuts to show his appreciation as she returns his beloved bunny home safe.
 His tattoos do not define his personality; his motorcycling hobby does not define his behavior. 
Having scary look doesn’t mean Dare Bear is a bad person.
Expressions and badge designs
Tattoo designs for Dear Bear, focusing on his love for his bunny
Various design for donut store that later were scrapped due to change in story
A little piece of Animatic of Lisa on her adventure,
walking from her "castle" to remote area where she loses her map and find something in the park...
Storyboard where she brings the bunny home, ringing the bell but nobody answers
Presentation PDF for this project if you are interested!