Our game from Global Game Jam 2016 in Cologne: Don't Do That!
Global Game Jam is an exciting event where thousands of game developers come together to create a game within 48 hours (No-bathe sleepless nights are more fun than you think!).
You can play our game here on our talented Lead Programmer's website.
Some Screenshots
And my job was? 2D art! 
Designing characters, assets, UI, and texturing models made by our 3D artist.
Title screen and Menu mock up. Title was made based on "Wizards Magic" font. 
The super early doodle right after the topic was announced - During dinner.
Instruction screen
Old Grumpy Wizard
Super fast sketch for 3D artist.
Knew that we had only 48 hours, each of us had to make all the decisions we thought was best. As a team, we trusted each other.
Our enemies. 2 of them are based on our Audio Designer's cats. 
Again, fast sketches just so the 3D artist get the idea. 
Johnny: Are you sure you want them this flat??
Me: Y E S. 
Spell UIs
Life and Mana
Assets and pick up items
Wall texture
Thank you for viewing.
*whispers* play our game!