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    Brandfulness is a branding studio created by Yanneth Albornoz. I needed to find a way to give a reason and a meaning to all my habilities, skills… Read More
    Brandfulness is a branding studio created by Yanneth Albornoz. I needed to find a way to give a reason and a meaning to all my habilities, skills and passions in order to create brands. In this project I talk about what branding means to me and the process behind the Brandfulness logo. Read Less
Brandfulness is a branding studio specializing in visual communication. We create complete brands, starting from their core essence. Our mission is to bring LIFE to brands, enhance their uniqueness, and provide beautiful design with a clear meaning.

Branfulness offers branding from creation to completion, from continuation to expansion, because we see Brands as living entities whose purpose and message grow with them over time.

We cover Creative and Conceptual Thinking, Visual Communication, Design and Layout, Illustration and Art. Each project is carefully developed throughout every step of the process to assure clarity of message and quality design.
Logo set for Brandfulness in various formats
Why Brandfulness?
In my life I have been an artist, a painter, a surfer, a salsa dancer, a communicator and a friend. I have also been a pseudo-journalist, born curious with a passion for finding the meaning in almost everything.

However, it is only in branding that I have found the perfect scenario to orchestrate all of my passions, skills, and abilities to Brands with both beauty and brains.

I realized that I needed to create a universe where I could be me, myself and I in all my forms and shapes, which would allow me the freedom to express myself and respect the creative process. The more I follow this path of allowing myself to just be me, the more effectively I can relate to others, and therefore, to brands. It may sound silly, but "in order to know somebody, you must know yourself first" and so it is with the process of brand creation, a journey which mirrors the journey of personal growth.

Therefore, the aim of Brandfulness is to create Brands that can stand on their own two feet and be able to grow and evolve. Just like a baby,
Here are the ABCs that inspired the Brandfulness logo
A Heart represents LIFE, as the mission of Brandfulness is to bring LIFE to brands.
Branding is symbolized by the heart flipped on it's side to becomes a bold letter B.
Communication is expressed as well, as the heart-shaped B is also a pair of lips.
Furthermore, the letters P, A, and V also fit inside the heart shaped B, as illustrated in the animation below.
These stand for Personality, Attributes, and Values, which are the underlying elements that make up the DNA of any Brand. Our challenge is to perform an act of alchemy and transform those intangible attributes into a visual shape and form that will express the unique personality of the Brand in a clear and compelling way.
I have created Brandfulness with the same enthusiasm as any client who comes to me looking to create the Brand of their dreams*
*(ironically, creating the brand of your dreams means ---> sleepless nights!).

Check out the animations below to get a behind-the-scenes look at the evolution of the Brandfulness logo, and get a sense of the playful creativity and elegant wit with which I approach the branding process.

Because I understand that while a Brand is so much more than a Logo, and that a logo needs to capture the Brand’s heart and soul and so much more.

And thus, Brandfulness is born.

Arquitecture and creation, this is kind of the X Ray of Brandfulness logo.