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    Rebranding for PMA Furniture design. Speaking branding in Swedish that everybody can understand.
PMA Furniture Design is a family-owned Swedish company specialize in designing and manufacturing furniture.
More recently the company has been investing into creating their own collections. PMA aim to present themselves differently, transitioning from a manufacturing company into a brand that ALSO fluently speaks "Swedish Design". Their collections serve to enrich and inspire.

The rebranding strategy started by discovering the meaningful underlying message of the brand - beyond "tables and chairs". PMA has a unique story, a family business built on values and tradition. Each piece of furniture has roots in and represents a heritage in Scandinavian design.

Hope you will find this rebranding project meaningful and enjoy the process of creating a visual strategy that aims to be in alignment with the brand story created.

Simplicity is an expression of harmonious beauty

Please, check also the Brand Guidelines here

Brainstorming in Swedish
It’s the flow of ideas and concepts that lead to the creation of PMA logo. “Strategic Sketching” it’s what I call when you give your mind the right keywords to create, these concepts are the guides coming after the analysis of the brand story, in this case, it was the time to imagine in Swedish.
The brain will go, explore, combine and expand using full energy focusing on the creation of new ideas and concepts in a well-directed way. It is such a relief to set free the mind towards the paper after being so "rational". The final logo is the visual result of all this "dialogue" between the left and the right side of the brain.
Logo design

PMA Furniture Design logo is simple and straightforward, it blends the core essence of the brand in one single monogram shape. The logo was made with the idea of answering these 3 questions:
WHO WE ARE? We are a Swedish family, we love to inspire through our traditions and design. WHAT WE DO? We do furniture. We turn traditional Scandinavian designs into contemporary pieces. HOW WE SAY IT? Using a monogram, simple and direct. We are minimalistic, we speak through details.

Logo structure
PMA Furniture Design logo was created with symmetry and balance, representing the basis of the Scandinavian furniture design.
The classic Scandinavian design table, minimalistic and simple is the element that represents what the brand do: Scandinavian design furniture. The “PMA” initials express “Who we are”, just like a family, these letters are gathered creating a solid structure that gives a sense of connection.

In the images below you can see how the visual strategy come across in all the other areas of the brand elements. Also, you can see a few slides of the Brand Guidelines, you can see the complete version here.
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