The Station of Fame
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    Station of Fame (Ruhmstation), mockup made for exhibition in Hall of Fame (Ruhmeshalle, nowadays Kunsthalle in Barmen), looks like Wilhelminian m… Read More
    Station of Fame (Ruhmstation), mockup made for exhibition in Hall of Fame (Ruhmeshalle, nowadays Kunsthalle in Barmen), looks like Wilhelminian machine, made in Barmen, its a Barmen machine:-) Read Less


The Hall of Fame (Ruhmeshalle) in Barmen (present-day part of Wuppertal, Germany) was opened in 1900 as an Art Exhibition Hall, but anyway it was dedicated to the German Emperors. In 2005 I was invited to put an exhibition in one of the five rooms of the Kunsthalle Barmen, which is nowadays part of the former Ruhmeshalle. That was  the trigger for me to create the Station of Fame (Ruhmstation), which was placed in the middle of my room. Its structure was inspired by the Wilhelminian Style of the building, it was made of mixed media like wood, paper, plastic, glass, metal, etc. Like all my objects and installations the Station of Fame has no function and is in fact a dummie.

The Emperor Wilhelm II.inaugurates the Ruhmeshallein 1900

The annunciation of the presentation of the Station of Fame2005

The Station of Fame in front of the manufactury ready for dispatch

Fame in bright sunshine

The Station of Fame in the Kunsthalle Barmen,surrounded by my paintings.

The original interior of the Ruhmeshalle was destroyed in World War II.

Details of the upper front of the Station.The scale on top is  photoshoped, using a clock face and a vintage postcard,which showed the Ruhmeshalle and Wilhelm II.
In the viewers eye level a lucent interior view is displayed in a monitor.
It is a simple trick wthout any electricity:A modified, transparent and mirror inverted vintage print is horizontally fixedin the cube and seen in a diagonal mirror,light is shining into the open top through the print.
The keyboard is completely handmade.

The scale of fame.I replaced the Emperors head with my one.

The photoshoped lobby of the Ruhmeshalle, visible in the monitor.

Lever on the right side of the Station

Nozzle on the left side

Numerator left

Details on the back side

On the lower front of the Station a few views of the buildingfrom the early 20th century are displayed.I modified vintage postcards, brought them to the same size andchanged the captions "Ruhmeshalle" to "Ruhmstation".

Example of a modified postcard

Many hours of work, fifteen minutes of fame.