The Coffeephone and other Installations
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    Installation Artworks, made site-specific in special places, mockups of things which do not exist, have no funktion.
The Coffeephone (Kaffeetelefon) was designed for my exhibition
"Dorp Station" in the Church of Dorp (Dorper Kirche) in Solingen, Germany, 2004.

The Coffeephone was placed in the coffee corner arranged with a real coffee cup, surrounded by some papers like postcards, notes, timetables and a short description of the New Dorp Station, Staten Island, NY.

Later on I installed the Coffeephone in other places, as shown above in the entrance area
of the Kunsthalle Barmen (Wuppertal, Germany) beside the cash desk, 2005.

Mr Mach, caretaker of the Museum, pretends a coffeephonecall.

The Hymnalgenerator (Gesangsbuchgenerator) was placed in the songbookcase of the Church of Dorp.

The Fuse of Dorp (Dorper Sicherung), motherfuse of all my fuses as shown in my portfolio in "Mockups/mixed media". I created it for the Church of Dorp, because the decrepit building needed a fuse.

The Fuse of Dorp beside the entrance, connected with the Numerator (Zählwerk), installed on top of it.

The Ground Potential (Grundspannung) was placed in the Church of Dorp on the wall above a grillage
in the floor. The poles were continued in some threads ending in a display which shows
a photoshoped plan of the building.

The Gauge of State (Zustandspegel) was installed in the Church of Dorp which was decrepit at this time.

The walls were cracked open to inspect them.
Their state was unfortunately extremly critical, so the Gauge was out of range.

In contrast to a Supervisioncamera (Überwachungskamera), which is looking down on us, the Visioncamera (Wachungskamera) is reversely looking up.
In the Curch of Dorp above the pulpit it looked towards the decrepit ceiling, which was on the verge of coming down.

The Visioncamera was installed too in the Kunsthalle Barmen (Wuppertal, Germany)
as part of the exhibition "5 Künstler - 5 Räume" in 2005.
The Kunsthalle badly needed a renovation at this time.

The installation Passage (Durchzug), part of the exhibition "Schwereslichtverhältnis" in the "Neue Bügelei" (Wuppertal, Germany), 2003.

The Passage was composed of a mocked cabinet (30cm x 90cm x 130cm), a model railroad (made of board and wood, based on a toy-train) and a purpose-built wall with tunnel entrances, were the train could actually drive through.

The Installation based on my painting Passage, as shown in my portfolio in "Some Kind of Interior".
On the right: my colleagues Hans Schulte and Holger Kirste in Passage.

Respect (Respekt) was installed as a part of my exhibition "Words of Lennep (Worte von Lennep)"
in the Citychurch of Lennep (Stadtkirche Lennep), Remscheid, Germany in 2009.

The Citychurch of Lennep was built in the 18th century, the wooden console above the entrance from 1923 is attached with a lettering:
"Our Hereos, Worldwar 1914 - 1918".
I added Respect in the same size with similar letters.

The installation Need (Brauchen) was placed above another entrance of the churchroom.

The letters of Need (Brauchen) are surrounded by two grilles,
which are similar to those of the heating.

Calm (Ruh) in the Citychurch of Lennep

The size and details of Calm (Ruh) were determined by the environment,
the crossbars and the smooth-surfaced radiators.