Mockups / mixed media
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    These objects are mockups of things which do not exist. Most people believe to see anything but an artwork - even in an exhibition.
These objekts are mockups or dummies of things which do not exist.
I used different materials (wood, metal, plastics, glass, board, etc) and some real components
(screws, clock hands, grommets, etc) to construct them.
Little Fuse Nr. 1 & 2  (Kleine Sicherung Nr. 1 & 2)
11cm x 10,2cm x 21cm, 2004
Little Fuse Nr. 4  (Kleine Sicherung Nr. 4)
11cm x 7,6cm x 22,4cm, 2005 
Little Fuse Nr. 3
on location
Possible Fuse  (Etwaige Sicherung)
12,3cm x 8,6cm x 24,3cm, 2004
Fuse for Kyrgyzstan  (Sicherung für Kirgistan)
10,3cm x 5cm x 14,8cm, 2008
Fuse for Kyrgyzstan on location in the Kyrgyz National Museum for Fine Arts
Special thanks go to the team of
Telltale Nr. 1 & 2  (Anzeiger Nr. 1 & 2)
12,5cm x 4,8cm x 31,5cm, 2006
Telltale "Birkenbach & Silberkuhl"
commissioned work to Ms B. & Mr S.
Bolius Nr. 3 & 2
20,2cm x 10cm x 32cm, 2006
on location
Proton Pump Inhibitor  (Protonenpumpenhemmer)
24cm x 5,8cm x 43cm, 2009
Calm 2  (Ruh 2)
21cm x 7,7cm x 40cm, 2009
T-Box Nr. 1  (T-Kasten Nr. 1)
20cm x 15,8cm x 37cm, 2007
T-Box Nr. 2
on location
Personal Activator "Herding-Utzenrath" (Persönlicher Auslöser)
commissioned work to Ms & Mr H.-U.
41cm x 31cm x 62cm, 2008
side view
Top secret Nr. 2  (Streng geheim Nr. 2)
28cm x 23,7cm x 9,2cm, 2007
Top secret Nr. 3  (Streng geheim Nr. 3)
28cm x 23,7cm x 7cm, 2007
Top secret Nr. 4  (Streng geheim Nr. 4)
28cm x 23,7cm x 7cm, 2007
Top secret covers
(Top secret Nr. 1 is top top secret)