Miss Flite Screen Print
A screen print done in aid of the MSCR Art Cart
My first foray into screen printing, aside from what little exposure I had in High School, was something I just threw together to have something to do. Now this piece, this piece was what I had wanted to do all along. For those familiar with Dickens' 'Bleak House' there is a character named Miss Flite. Miss Flite has cages and cages of birds that will be released on the day of judgement. I had envisioned in my head birds made of words. Because birds must have names, and Miss Flite named all her birds. My print has a corresponding bird for each of hers, from 'Cunning' to 'Plunder,' 'Joy' to 'Hope,' and 'Sheepskin' to 'Spinach.' There are even the wards in Jarndyce, whose future will be decided on the day of judgement.

This print was done in the second Art Club Screen Printing workshop that Nick Loveland and I ran as President and Secretary of Art Club. The second workshop was far more ambitious than the first, in that we received paper as a generous gift from Neenah, and then we sold the prints at a gallery show held at Project Lodge, with some of the proceeds from the sale benefiting the MSCR Art Cart. I was quite pleased with how everything turned out, and it was a lot of fun... well, maybe not prepping the screens.
The original Illustrator file. I initially did all the design work by hand and then brought it into Illustrator and created all the birds into vector images.
The transparencies for the burning of the screen.
My screen.
Those easy emulsion sheets sure have a very lurid and memorable pink color.
Done with a gold ink.
This was a happy accident when I was trying to unclog my screen. It created some interesting three dimensionality to the birds.
Detail of the most three dimensional birds. Too bad I didn't do this on nicer paper.