Bastille Days 2012
Event Promotion
For a recent class assignment, I had to chose a local event and promote said event with various collateral. I have a love of history and all things French, even if I refuse to believe the Scarlet Pimpernel is fiction and not fact, I do have French blood running through my veins. I thought that Bastille Days in Milwaukee would be a fun event because a) it's French and b) not many people know the history behind Bastille Day and instead focus on the food and drink. 
While the actual storming of the Bastille in France took place 224 years ago many of the social and political situations that led to this historic event can still be seen today across the pond here in America. The period of social and political upheaval that was The French Revolution was in essence the "have-nots" uprising against the "haves." In today's terms, we know the "have-nots" as the 99%. The event promotion strives to be cutting edge politically, to show this isn't just a party, but a party with historical and political significance. The imagery is very luxuriant and opulent, to show the 1%, but has a crack, a tear, a destructive element to represent the 99%.
The colors are vibrant and over the top, almost gaudy, an excess, if you will. This not only pushes the underlying meaning, but captures the eye.  I also decided to eliminate the events actual Eiffel Tower logo, mainly because it's an anachronism, having been built 100 years AFTER the Bastille fell. Instead going with the opulence and the 1%, a "Let Them Eat Cake" logo is used. Referencing, not only the callousness of the 1%, but also their over indulgence, though type based with just a hint of a cake stand.
This piece would be seen on Bus Shelters. The hope is with the tag line "Heads Will Roll" for people to make the connection to the beheadings of the Aristocracy, but in a more whimsical, Monty Pythonesque way.
Bus Shelter in situ. Notice the street, could be Milwaukee, could be Paris, you decide.
This is a small teaser ad that would appear in a local publication, such as Madison Magazine.
An email newsletter sent via MailChimp with pertinent information and links.
The layout of my web ad, see below for the ad in all it's glory.
The little mobile ad that was vastly enjoyable to make and I hope makes you want to go to Bastille Days! (Please forgive the fact that it hasn't been updated to reflect the type changes above).