Safeway Grocery Store Green Bag Initiative
A point of purchase green bag to reduce consumer waste
For my Electronic Illustration class, a green bag initiative project was assigned. We had to chose an idea or theme and create an eco friendly reusable bag. I wanted to depict the idea of coexistence with nature. People who are hesitant to adopt an eco friendly lifestyle, might be more willing to if they where shown other options, rather than being force fed a full lifestyle makeover. Therefore stressing the abilty to coexist, verses readapting, I hoped to capture the attention of those who are hesitant. Also, by having it in a rather eco friendly city, San Francisco, sold by a large chain, Safeway, the initiative could spread to less likely communities over time. Different cities could also be depicted, therefore making the bag collectible.

I wanted the drawing style to be linear, but not overly careful or cautious, and limited in color. More importantly, I wanted to show a very urban setting but with elements of nature, therefore, the trees growing out of and around buildings, but not destroying or overtaking them in some weird plant armageddon. Also, by including landmarks of the famous city, it would be easily recognizable. Also, it was just tons of fun to really go for it with my Wacom.

*This illustration won a Silver Addy at local in 2012
The actual bag... and yes, my garage is sinking.
The front of the bag, showing Safeway.
The back of the bag, depicting more streets of San Francisco.
Full panorama, front and back.
Illustration applied to vector art bag.