Singapore-styled barbecue or BBQ is mostly charcoal fired and Singaporeans roast a variety of Southeast Asian and Western food such as satay, otak-otak, sambal stingray, chicken wings and etc.

 However, with Korean BBQ restaurants getting more popular these days, a question comes to mind: 
“Why isn’t there a Singapore style BBQ grill-it-yourself restaurant when our local BBQ cuisine 
is very unique and delicious as well?”
The Brief
• Create a brand identity for the first Singapore-style BBQ buffet restaurant

• Establish the concept of a Singapore-style BBQ restaurant
• Present Singapore-style BBQ in a refreshing new way
• Promote the restaurant

Target Audience
Youths aged 13-25

• Brand Identity
• Posters/Brand Visuals
• Store Interior
• Brand Stationery
• Print Advertisements
• Social Media Promotion
• Website

Brand Story

As the FIRST Singapore-style BBQ restaurant, *Shiok Grill celebrates our unique local BBQ cuisine! Shiok Grill takes away the inconvenience of booking a pit, preparing food and materials during a regular BBQ, but still allows customers to enjoy the experience of grilling their food while chatting and hanging out with their friends.

Shiok Grill is definitely the place to have a shiok time! Feel free to eat to your heart’s content with our all-you-can-eat buffet where everyone can find something they enjoy! Simply grab the food and grill!

* 'Shiok' is commonly used in Singapore & Malaysia as a term that conveys a feeling of strong physical/emotional pleasure, 
excitement or tingling taste buds (when used with regards to food).

Brand Identity

The typography of the Shiok Grill wordmark logo was designed to resemble the licking flames of fire. The black to orange gradient lights up the logo and gives it life. 

The word ‘shiok’ in the brand name/wordmark gives a clear indication that it is a Singaporean brand.

Brand Personality

Fun. Carefree. Playful. Imaginative.

Posters / Brand Identity

These posters are not advertorial but visuals that represent the brand's fun, vibrant and playful personality. 
They are applied in the store interior and certain brand touchpoints.

The posters focus on 3 of our favorite local BBQ's dishes—the sambal stingray, otak-otak and satay—each against 
a different solid background of the brand's colours. Each of the dishes are frozen in motion, evoking a shiok feeling.
It aims to bring out a message to customers to eat, enjoy, have a shiok time and live in the moment!
Store Interior​​​​​​​
Brand Stationery

The playful personality of Shiok Grill is brought out through the design of the brand stationery as well.
Store's business card (left) and letterhead & envelope (right)


Print Advertisements​​​​​​​
Bus stop ad (left) and magazine ad (right)

Social Media Promotion

Social media is used to reach out to the target audience.

Through print and digital promotion, people will get to know about the website which gathers all information on the restaurant.
Shiok Grill

Shiok Grill

Final Year Project: Shiok Grill is a branding and advertorial project to introduce the first ever Singapore-style BBQ buffet restaurant. Shiok G Read More